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Search Engine Optimization

Do you feel as though your website is just not getting the traffic that it should be? Are people unable to find you on the web? Let IFTS help with a customized search engine optimization (SEO) plan based on your marketing goals and objectives. Show up higher in ranking with search engines today!

Social Media

Unsure of what social media your company should be using or not using it at all? IFTS can help you set up a social media plan that best fits you and your target customers. We can help you create and design your portfolios in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. After setup, we will create a guide, customized for you, that helps you implement the plan, including frequency of posts and topics to discuss.


If your company does not have a blog or a way to establish your company as an expert or the best in your field, you are missing out on a very easy and FREE marketing opportunity. IFTS can help you create an easy-to-use, attractive blog that will allow you to showcase your business to the world.

You want people to be able to find you on the web in multiple ways, a blog is an excellent resource for doing so. You can write articles to establish your company’s credibility as well as ones that let your clients know the latest and greatest offerings from your business.

IFTS offers a free one-hour consultation to discuss your business goals and company needs, so contact us today to discuss inbound marketing and all of the possibilities that it would open up for you!

Recent Inbound Marketing Projects

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