Integrity First Corporation

Integrity First Corporation (INF) had a site that worked for awhile generating business, but it just didn’t reflect the quality service that INF is able to offer.

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Project Overview

IFTS has had the pleasure of working with Integrity First Corporation (INF) since their inception, so we have built other websites and created technical solutions for them before. INF was getting ready to launch a new web portal that would allow their clients to sign in securely to retrieve copies of their insurance application/policy and they wanted a brand new website to go with this.

Their old website had good search rankings with Google and it served its purpose for drawing in customers, but it no longer reflected the quality service that INF had to offer. Therefore, IFTS put together an all-encompassing plan to make INF look like the tech savvy, modern company that it is.

We designed a new, responsive custom website with a built-in connection to their new portal. We had a photo session with the office as well as a YouTube video shoot. A social media marketing campaign was also developed, including planning the use of Twitter, Facebook and their newly created blog. All of the social media was setup with the new branding colors and fonts.

The new blog resembles the new site in look and feel. It resides as a subdomain of the company. In order to improve the search rankings, search engine optimization was applied to the site and blog. Head over to INF’s new website to see what IFTS could do for you and your company!

INtegrity First Corporation

Work Required: Logo, Website, Blog, SEO, Social Media

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INtegrity First Corporation Screenshots

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